Supporting your Learner

Parents and caregivers can deepen their children’s learning when they take an active role in education. A coach helps your child thrive while holding them accountable and collaborating for a better experience for students, caregivers, and teachers. We offer weekly guidance, daily inspiration, and on-demand support to help make your family’s school experience successful, no matter what type of schooling you’re child receives.

Student Coaching Program

  • Weekly video chat sessions to get organized, make a plan, and get help.
  • Weekly group call to build a community of support.
  • Daily text or email check-in to build accountability.
  • On-demand support when a learner needs additional support.
  • Weekly email to teachers to check progress and address concerns.

Students will develop their executive functioning skill set, learn to be accountable for elements of their own learning, and improve their communication with the adults in their lives.

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Caregiver Coaching Program

  • Weekly individual video chat to tackle your concerns in real-time.
  • On-demand support via email, text, or phone calls.
  • Weekly group email with advice for improving your student’s learning experience.
  • Create a coordinated support structure to improve the experience for your learner.
  • Build your parenting skills for this challenging time, and beyond.

Parents and caregivers are able to step back from the role of teacher/manager and will see growth in their child’s independence and confidence.

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Caregiver Group Program

  • Monthly group video sessions with guidance from professional educators.
  • Weekly group email with advice for improving your student’s learning experience.
  • A community of support focused on remote and at-home learning.
  • Hear from other parents and learn from their experiences to build a better experience for you and your learner.

Connect each month with an expert educator and learn from other parents who have learners in the home this school year. You don’t need to do this alone!

Package Options:

PROGRAMS:Combination Student Coaching Caregiver Coaching Caregiver Group
Individual Student Support
Individual Caregiver Support
On-Demand Support
Monthly Caregiver Group Call
Programs can be purchased independently or in bundles. Multi-Learner discounts are available. Scholarship slots may open on an as-needed basis. Custom packages can be designed to fit your needs!

Let’s tackle learning together.

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