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Jackie O’Rourke is the founder and President of Outermost Education Services

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For Schools

Ad-Hoc Assistance

Schools looking to redesign faculty or student leader training, orientation, advisory, weekend programming, the handbooks, or residential curriculum find tremendous benefits when working with an outside perspective. You need to focus on your students – we’ll handle the behind the scenes work to get your program headed in the right direction. Short-term engagements are a fast way to get the help you need when you need it without overspending. See the Outermost Education Services site for more about the company. Not sure if we can help? Schedule a call and let’s find out!

Student Life Program Audits

Comprehensive audits help schools find their weak spots, gather feedback from students, faculty, and staff, and deliver concrete solutions for improving a boarding school through its many interconnected systems. There is no cookie-cutter answer here. Audits are performed with your school history mission, and vision at the forefront. See more information on the Outermost Education site or get in touch today!

Parent Programming

When you are looking to add value, consider what you can do for your students’ parents. From orientation programming to on-demand support, schools can invest in educating parents to improve the experience for your whole community. Parents need support too. Find out how you can add value without upending your budget: schedule a call today.

Coaching for Boarding School Faculty

New faculty, first time administrators, or colleagues who are struggling to create balance in the busy boarding school life find personal and professional growth through one-on-one coaching. Conducted remotely with a boarding school veteran, coaching is personal to each client, yet takes into account the coach’s industry knowledge to guide your faculty toward better balance, increased community engagement, and tangible development in their role. Let’s talk about how we can coach your faculty!

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Jackie O’Rourke brings both passion and vision to her work with schools and faculty members. She is clear sighted about school issues, and she is clear voiced in her appraisals. I have witnessed her work with people new to boarding schools, and she is wise, tough, and tender. I can’t think of anyone better to assess a situation and to provide clear counsel about moving toward a solution.

Jay W. Bonner IV, Associate Head, Asheville School

Let’s build something great together.

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