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Connect with parents from other schools. Learn from industry experts. Join a community steeped in support.

Each Wednesday, 10:30 am EST

“Wednesday Coffee Break” For parents and caregivers anywhere in the world

Join us for a casual open conversation each week online to meet other parents and discuss whatever is on your mind. This is a great chance to learn from your parental peers outside your usual social group and to ask for help from a school expert. No question is too small! You are welcome to join for just a few minutes or stay the whole hour. This is open to any parent or caregiver of a child in grades K-12.

Thursday, October 15, 6:30 pm: Parent Webinar

“Design Your Balance: Guidance for Remote, Hybrid, and Homeschool Education”

In this live webinar, we are going to discuss the role of the parent-educator. We will work toward creating your unique balance through clearly defined roles so that you can protect your relationship with your children – and maybe even strengthen your connection!

Parents and caregivers can take action right now to create a successful and positive learning environment for students of any age who will be learning from home in a remote, distanced, hybrid, or homeschool set up. I will teach you strategies to take on your new role as an educator WITHOUT sacrificing your role as a parent and caregiver.

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Thursday, November 5, 6:30 pm: Parent Forum

“Lean into Letting Go” A Discussion for Parents of Boarding School Students

Parents of boarding school students face unique parenting challenges. In this live and interactive forum, we will shed light on some of the difficulties facing boarding school parents today and strategize for effective ways to shift from management to fulfillment.

Perhaps the best-kept secret of boarding school is that sending your child away from home for their education can actually bring you closer. We’ll talk through relationship building practices and dispel the age-old myth that parents whose children attend a boarding have somehow abdicated their role as a parent. Strengthen your relationship, deepen your communication, and let go of the daily management chores so you can get back to enjoying your children.

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