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Connect with parents from other schools. Learn from industry experts. Join a community steeped in support.

June 30, 10:30 am: Community Coffee Hour

Join us for a casual open conversation each month on Zoom to meet other boarding school parents and discuss whatever is on your mind. June’s theme will be “talking to your kids about September”. We’ll open the floor for parents to share how they are talking with their kids about COVID-19’s impact on the boarding school world and offer suggestions for helping teenagers through the uncertainty that lies ahead. We’ll include a list of resources for parents, and welcome participants to share resources they are finding helpful at this time.

*Attendance at the monthly coffee hour is always free!

July 1, 4:30 pm: Parent Forum (New Date!)

“Planning for the Unplannable”

Will schools be open in September? How will things have changed from your last visit to the campus? What do you need to know from the school and how can you get the answers you need? June’s Zoom forum will lead parents through three possible scenarios: continued campus closures, staggered or limited reopenings, and open campuses under “new normal” guidelines. There will be time included for open Q &A, as well as an action plan for parents as you plan for September.

*In support of families during these unprecedented times, this forum is free to all parents with children who are enrolled at a boarding school for the 2020-2021 school year or who are still considering enrollment.

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