Full Year Advising Program

On-going support from enrollment through summer break. Spend less time worrying and wondering, and more time enjoying your greatest investment – your child. Learn how to establish positive and open communication with your child’s advisor, teachers, dorm parents, and coaches. Know when to step in, and when to let your child’s new support system at boarding school do the work. the best return on your investment is a happy, thriving, student. We will help you get there.


Get ready to let go. What can you do for your child, and for yourself, to ensure a smooth transition to a new school? We’ll work together to get you prepared for changes that lie ahead.


A new school means new ways of living, learning, and communicating. Learn the routines, language, and expectations as you establish connections in your new school community.


Building from a strong foundation leads to a healthier relationship with your child and a fantastic working relationship with their school. Learn how to segway this year’s growth into lasting success for the years ahead.

Jackie understands the complexities of boarding schools and the many facets of this unique educational opportunity.  While possessing this wealth of knowledge, Jackie has a keen talent for connecting with people in a variety of settings.

Doug Dickson, Assistant Head of School for Student Life, Episcopal High School, VA

Every parent deserves an advisor.

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