A Better School Experience, By Design

Capitalize on your investment; Build an amazing relationship with your child.


As the parent of a school-aged student, you’ve joined a global community of families and educators. Your child is headed for an educational experience distinguished by support and growth. What will your experience be?

Parents are my priority. I offer advising specifically for parents as they manage their child’s experience in a unique school environment. Master communication with your child and their school to improve your relationship and capitalize on your investment.

Your child has an advisor. Shouldn’t you?

Going to a boarding school takes quite a bit of adjustment for not only the student, but for the parent. School six days a week, activities most nights until 8, communication from the school to the parent. It’s nerve wracking to learn the nuisances of parenting and letting go all at the same time. Thankfully, Jackie was able to help me navigate this new norm with words of wisdom from years of experience. To this day we still talk about Jackie and the positive impact she had on my daughter and me. Her sage words of wisdom still ring true.